Sunday, December 27, 2009


I wrote the following 20 years ago. Recently on talk radio, it was stated that there's a new standard of beauty being set by silicon, botoxed and "lifted" women. These smooth immobile faced women are ubiquitous in our culture. This created look has by repetition become a norm. Yikes!!!! Does that scare anyone else? Are we creating a super-race look? One more step for clonekind!

The adorments worn are many
It's easy - no muss, no fuss
wash and wear.

Shiny silk leaves - camouflage.
Brilliant gems with dead eyes.
Slick colors wrapped around pale flesh.
Green paper lending authenticity to it's taker.
Silver encapsulated enamel to get it straight.
Blood sucking leaches out of water.
Hearts so carefully wrapped in shrouds.

Prisoners of our own disguise.