Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perfect Day

Summer is fleeing on time's heels.
Play has known little space in my heart.
An invitation comes from a favored
friend on this warm day.

To the lake we go, nine miles in.
We sit upon boulders at water's edge.
The sun beats down and the wind tries to
blow the heat away to no avail.

Two old friends with many miles upon
their souls and childhood memories calling,
respond to lure of the gently slapping waves.

Floating on a foam raft allows a
captivating skyward view. Heaven.
Wondrous. Chilly water licks and bobs
us like toys in a tub.

The sky is ocean blue and thin clouds are
forming continents before my eyes.
Peace comes like a foreign visitor.
I hold and welcome it's embrace.

A memory is made. Childhood bliss recaptured
by a string with an awareness evolving
with age. I cherish this day.