Sunday, April 18, 2010

My World

by Me

Sweet childhood long gone
left in its wake lingering memories.
Crisp sunlit mornings greeting
an innocent of five.

Sun filtered through the kitchen window.
A spotlight shining on the red and white
checked table cloth. A blue table with
sparse red trim.

Sweet melon and cheerios enticed.
All was orchestrated by Grammy Brown.
She wore glasses and a printed apron.

Then to the world of play.
Behind the barn the blades of grass
glistened with dew.
A magical frolicking time.

Later the creation of mud-pies.
The sweet smell of dried earth
on the skin always amazed.
It made the skin look old and parched.

A huge lilac bush provided refuge
for the hidden observer.
The ground was cool,
the ants were marching.

An innocent of five.
Alone in body yet fulfilled in spirit.

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